Information for Immigrants


Association is a form of permanent organization, in which a group of people or institutions seek to perform certain common interests.

Equivalence of Diplomas

People who wish to study in Brazil should do equivalence of their diplomas and certificates for studies abroad.

Consular Certificate

It is a Haitian registry issued abroad by the Embassy of Haiti in Brazil. It is an important document that can temporarily replace the passport as an identity, but cannot be used for travel.

Driver license

A driver's license is the international document that allows the driver to drive in a foreign country.

Open an account

The process of opening a bank account in Brazil is very simple. However, it requires residence visa to foreigners.

Getting a CPF

Arriving in Brazil, you need a Physical Person Registration (CPF).

Getting a visa

The Embassy of Brazil in Pétion - Ville, grants a tourist visa, student or permanence.

Employment record card

The Labor and Social Security Portfolio (CTPS) is the document which records your jobs in Brazil.

Notary Registry Office “Cartório”

Notary Registry office - “Cartório” - is the place where the notary (professional responsible for the registration, organization and authenticity of documents) works.
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