Getting a visa

To get a visa you need to be very attentive to the details of the procedure.

Check out the step-by-step procedure to be carried out in Haiti:


The Embassy of Brazil in Pétion – Ville, grants a tourist visa, student or permanence.

The original form of application for visa will be given by the Embassy with the passport. This protocol also serves for the check in of the visa on arrival to Brazil.

Check out the step by step procedure in Brazil:


Payment of fees

Required documents

Federal Police

How to consult the Official Jornal (D.O.U.) to see if your name was published?


For issuance / renewal of the foreigner’s identity Certificate (CIE) and / or of Foreigners National Registry (RNE)

  • Fill in the electronic form available in the “Request Registration / Renewal” site of the Federal Police.
  • Click SAVE
  • Print the completed form
  • Select the date and time to attend the Federal Police website. It is necessary to inform the request code printed on the form header.

Do not miss the registration deadline. If there is no scheduling availability, you should immediately go to the Federal Police Department unit closest to your residence.

In case of rescheduling the service, click here.


  • The deadline for register of your Foreign Identity card (CIE) or National Foreigners Registry (RNE) is 30 days after your arrival in Brazil.
  • The application to the CIE / RNE can be done only personally at the Federal Police (only some service stations provide this service for foreigners).

  • Gathering of the Union of Guides – GRU (Federal Government Payment Form).
  • First GRU: Code. 140 120 – FIRST ISSUE OF THE FOREIGNER’S DOCUMENT (R$ 124.23)
  • Second GRU: Cod. 140082 – FOREIGN REGISTRATION / RESET LOG (R$ 64.58)
  • To print the Union Gathering Guides (GRU) click here.

They can be paid at any bank, post office or Lottery Agency.

  • Passport, original and copies of the used pages which have to be authenticated by Notary Register Office.
  • Consular visa.
  • Original visa application form. If the permanence has been obtained in Brazil, take the copy of the Official Gazette (Diário Oficial da União) – DOU, where the permanence approval has been published.
  • In the case of permanence, two (02) recent 3×4 photographs in color with white background must be provided.
  • In the case of permanence, two (02) recent 3×4 photographs in color with white background must be provided.
  • Proof of payment of fees (GRU slip).

  • Attend at the scheduled Federal Police Unit
  • In case there has been no scheduling, go to the Federal Police Unit nearest where you will live, with all required documents.
  • In case you miss the 30 days deadline, seek information immediately at the Federal Police.

There are 2 ways to carry out the verification:

1) Go to website JusBrasil

  • Write your name in the space of search
  • The search results should appear in the following form:

DOU 01/10/2014 – Pg.42 – Seção 1 | Diário Oficial da União

  • Clique in your name.
  • You will be taken to a login area. Sign it. You can do it through your Facebook account.
  • To check if the publication of your name has to do with the result of your process (concession of permanent visa), make sure that the text before the list of published names is written in the following form:

Compulsando-se os autos, verifica-se que o Conselho Nacional de Imigração, com fundamento na sua Resolução Recomendada nº08, de 19 de dezembro 2006, c/c a Resolução Normativa nº27, de 25 de janeiro de 1998, autorizou a concessão de permanência no País, conforme se verifica na publicação do Diário Oficial da União de 11 de março de 2014, Seção 1, págs 84 e 85. Em face de exposto, concedo a residência permanente no Território Nacional aos estrangeiros abaixo relacionados.Model 1.  Model 2.

2) Check the publication of the applicant’s name on the Official Jornal (D.O.U.) on the site:Diário Oficial da União

  • Insert the full name in the space “Informe o Termo”
  • Select: “Todos”
  • Type: “Fonética”
  • Start Date: “01/01”
  • Click “pesquisar”

If the following message appears – “Nenhum item encontrado para a pesquisa solicitada” (no object found for the requested search) – repeat the search by typing each part of the applicant’s name in the space <>.

If the same information appears again, repeat the process the following month.

  • Under aged children must be presented together with a parent or legal guardian.
  • The permanent foreigner who is absent for more than two (02) consecutive years from Brazil, loses permanence.
  • More information click here.

Check the LIST of 43.781 Haitians. Residence in Brazil.

Check the DOU: DESPACHO. MJ. 12/11/2015