Equivalence of Diplomas

People who wish to study in Brazil should do equivalence of their diplomas and certificates for studies abroad.

Recognition in Brazil of studies abroad

Recognition of elementary and high school certificates

Revalidation of graduate and postgraduate

  • In Haiti, the Ministries of Education and Foreign Relations do the authentications of Haitians diplomas.
  • All school and university documents need the legalization of Brazil’s embassy in Haiti.
  • If they are not done, Itamaraty (Brazilian Foreign Relations Ministry) or the Embassy of Haiti in Brasilia are able to legalize the document.
  • More information in the site.

The revalidation of elementary and high school certificates is made by the State Education Department and does not involve the Ministry of Education.

Step by step

  • Provide a certified translation of school transcript and diplomas.
  • Have the school transcript relating to studies that you have done.
  • Take the documents to the State Board of Education – “Secretaria Estadual de Educação” – where you will fix residence. It will be possible to request the equivalence.
  • Obtained the equivalence, you will be able to continue your studies.

In Brazil, the revalidation of higher-education diplomas issued abroad are the exclusive responsibility of the universities.

Step by step

  • Provide a certified translation of school diploma and school transcript.
  • Provide the revalidation request to the selected institution. To see which educational institutions have similar or related courses in your area, see the list in the Higher  Education Department of the Ministry of Education website.
  • For information on postgraduate programs in Brazil, see the website of INEP (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research).
  • For information about postgraduate courses in Brazil, see the Portal CAPES that offers more than 3,000 data courses.