Driver license

A driver’s license is the international document that allows the driver to drive in a foreign country.

First step - Documents

Second Step

Step Three


  • Passport.
  • National Foreign Registration (RNE / SINCRE).
  • The identification must be in perfect condition, without lamination, with a picture to allow user identification clearly.

  • CPF (original and copy).
  • Foreign driver’s license within the validity period (original and copy).
  • Residence proof (original and copy).
  • Are valid documents to prove residence: light, water or telephone bills, bank or credit cards statements and payment of health insurance cards out to the applicant or his parents, issued in the last three months.

  • Certified translation of foreign driver’s license (original and copy).
  • Go to DETRAN / CIRETRAN / SAC for prosecutions.
  • Take photo, fingerprint and signature.
  • Pick up the fee payment slip.
  • Make the medical examination appointment.
  • Pay the fee in the bank.
  • Go to an accredited clinic indicated for the realization of medical check (physical and mental health assessment and psychological assessment).
  • A fee for the examination will be charged.

  • The services will be valid for one (01) year following the date.
  • Amount estimated for the service from DETRAN R$ 89.00.
  • More information on the website DETRAN.