Living in Brazil

Finding good place to live is always difficult. It is not different In Brazil. Finding good accommodation can be complicated especially in large cities. The conditions depend on each rental contract.

There are a few differences from Haiti:

  • When you arrive in Brazil, it is always better to look where your compatriots are (Networks of Haitians in Brazil) for help.
  • Short-term rentals are called seasonal: it is a contract which terms are set by the Owner.
  • The terms of long-term rentals are defined according to the real estate contract conditions.
  • The rent is usually paid monthly up to 5 days or until the 5th of each month.
  • The condominium (con = together, domain = property) is a monthly fee paid with the rental.
  • The IPTU (land and urban land tax) is a fee paid by the renter with each month rent. It can also be paid in a single installment at the beginning of the year.

See also the classified ads for short and long term rentals, and people looking for apartment to share.