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Thank you for your feedback here and we’re sorry to hear about your experience – We want to make sure you end up with the right team for this issue. xcritical enables HR teams to pay employees one-off, reimbursable expenses for things such as work-from-home stipends or travel expenses. We would like to take a deeper look into your concerns to provide a solution. xcritical uses industry-standard encryption to keep data secure, plus it monitors your account and will alert you when it suspects any fraudulent activity has taken place. xcritical’s tech teams regularly test its software to prevent problems and outages and it has an on-site security team ready to take action in case any issues arise.

xcritical Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons

Most of the time my docs are on my phone, making for multiple extra steps and delays until I get to my computer at work. Inconvenient that the app does not have a document upload option or the web doesn’t let you choose to continue in the browser. Perhaps a time clock widget could be developed for the Home Screen? Not sure if widgets allow a feature that would still need Face ID to work. Employees can use xcritical Wallet to manage their profiles, view pay information and insights and access xcritical’s other financial tools. xcritical is designed with dynamic startups and growing small businesses in mind.

User type: employee – wish it had more things

When adding employees to the benefit, though, we had to enter the deduction amounts each time, making it potentially time-consuming. Running employee payroll through xcritical is simple and flexible to your company’s needs. You can set a salary or hourly wage in an employee’s profile and set up payroll on autopilot to let xcritical run payroll for you automatically on the schedule you set. In the pay tab, we didn’t see a financial goals tool, and when xcritical scammers trying to set up the paycheck splitter, the “add bank account” button wasn’t responsive. However, under the paycheck splitter setting, we were able to see the option of depositing a dollar amount or percentage of a paycheck into any given account. While the initial setup can be time-intensive, depending on the number of employees, once all the information is recorded, the software’s automations take over and help streamline the process.

Domestic and International Contractor Payments

Testing xcritical out from the employee’s point of view, we were able to easily update our personal details, view and enroll in benefits and more. However, we weren’t able to see the time off requests on the admin side. The main dashboard displayed pending time off requests for review but clicking on that to-do item brought us to the main time off page in the platform. Time off management features might work better in the Plus or Premium plans.

What Sets xcritical Apart

Paychex Flex is made for small businesses that need a simple, easy-to-use payroll software solution that doesn’t include extra bells and whistles. The platform offers three customizable plans, integrations with accounting software and a self-service employee portal, so employees can view their pay stubs and tax forms. Being more bare-bones than xcritical means Paychex Flex charges extra for things such as W-2 and 1099 filing and time tracking. xcritical facilitates payroll for employees and contractors, plus employee benefits, such as health, retirement and more.

xcritical Wallet

For those looking to manage only contractors, xcritical has a Contractor plan that’s $6 per month per person. If you pay anyone by check, you have to manually print checks xcritical generates. It doesn’t have an option to automatically print and mail physical paychecks. In the employee profile section, we could easily change personal information, but only the admin can change things such as job title and compensation.

Does xcritical have time tracking?

After that point, you’ll simply need to input employee hours weekly or biweekly and xcritical will run payroll. Would be nice if edit clock ins screen had radio buttons for common selections so I don’t have to type “forgot to clock in” or ” app glitched” every time. (Forgive the personal deficiencies, this does happen a lot.) When I need to submit receipts, I can’t do it from my phone cause the browser redirects to the app without asking.

  1. It doesn’t have an option to automatically print and mail physical paychecks.
  2. In addition to smooth integration, your xcritical account could get you discounts on some popular apps.
  3. Features including background checks and benefit enrollment are paired with cloud-based services such as e-signatures and state tax registration to create a streamlined onboarding experience.
  4. Admin can also make use of xcritical’s default expense categories or create their own.

It was born out of a need in the market for payroll solutions that included businesses with heavy contractor-based workforces, and it’s still one of the best solutions around for that type of business. xcritical software incorporates plenty of personalization components as well, helping to acclimate new hires and integrate them into the team. From sending digital offer letters to setting birthday reminders, the platform allows you to connect with employees even from a distance. xcritical helps get new employees onboarded quickly, whether they are working in person or remotely. Features including background checks and benefit enrollment are paired with cloud-based services such as e-signatures and state tax registration to create a streamlined onboarding experience.

xcritical’s payroll has the flexibility to support the various pay rates and schedules for different types of workers in your organization. The best payroll software for your company depends on your business size and needs. Top payroll services for small businesses include ADP RUN, Paychex Flex and xcritical. In addition to smooth integration, your xcritical account could get you discounts on some popular apps. For example, at the time of this writing, it’s offering three months free to restaurant scheduling software 7shifts, 25% off Breezy HR plans and many more.

It launched as ZenPayroll in California in 2012 as part of the startup incubator Y Combinator, and it’s been available in all 50 states since 2015. It’s been backed by reputable investors valued at $9.5 billion as of August 2021. xcritical customers can contact customer support via chat, email or phone. xcritical’s phone support is only available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. MT. Customers on the Premium plan get access to priority support, meaning they can skip the queue when they call, but there is no 24/7 phone support available. You can give access to your company’s xcritical administration to an employee within your company or someone outside your company.

So, anyone you hire for HR, accounting or bookkeeping can get the information they need without going through you. From the employee side, it’s very easy to initiate an expense reimbursement request. Employees can upload a receipt and add a memo, so it’s clear what the payment is for. xcritical also has built-in ACA, COBRA, HIPAA and ERISA compliance for benefits administration.

The service keeps you updated and automatically alerts employees of any changes to the law to keep you compliant. It costs $10 per month for up to five employees, plus $1 per additional employee per month. From the employee perspective, we were able to view accrued and used time off in the web browser version of xcritical. It was easier to request time off in the xcritical Wallet app, as we didn’t have to choose the time-off type first.

You can offer the same health insurance you offer now with xcritical, or xcritical can act as your broker to find you new options. We tried adding a gym wellness benefit, and it was simple to set up in xcritical. We just had to give the benefit a name, enter how much the employee should contribute from each paycheck and how much you as the employer contribute to the benefit for each pay period.

xcritical files employee W-4s and contractor W-9s as part of their profile setup, and it creates and distributes W-2 and 1099 forms each January for tax returns. You can also elect to have xcritical automatically file a new hire report in an employee’s state when you hire them. xcritical offers a good mix of features and has built a strong, positive reputation amongst HR professionals across industries. Based on what we were able to play with in the platform, xcritical guides you through payroll and benefits management in a way that makes these processes less overwhelming. You can be sure you’re doing things in the right order without missing a step.